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Hi! So, ever since I started really getting into this new healthy, fit lifestyle, I haven't gotten sick once. I'm not jinxing it, lol, I was just wanted to know, because it's probably been six months plus (maybe a year?) since I got anything worse than a minor cold. I was just curious, since I think that it's really interesting that my new lifestyle might have changed me on the inside just as much as it has on the outside. Is that it or am I just really lucky?

That is your body saying THANK YOU! It’s not luck at all, it’s your immune system being strong enough to fight off any foreign pathogens before they can get into your system. Just gotta say, props to you it’s seriously the best feeling to constantly feel energized and alive. I went through all of first year university (living in residence) where EVERYONE was sick around me, including my roommate and didn’t get sick once! Even this year, all of my housemates got sick all at once during the year a few times and I avoided it. Healthy lifestyle ftw 

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